Monday, August 27, 2007

More Alaska pics

Boy did we ever get close to them bears (followed by other real photos)

We were pretty far away - the other boat lucked out as this whale "breeched" right in front of them


Stacie said...

The bear pic HAS to be photoshopped - I can't believe that you got that close!!!!

The whale picture is amazing. When I was there in Sept they were feeding, but not coming out of the water that high.

William said...

Nice photos, Dave.

I saw your tutorial on the Strata 3D plugins for CS3. Any chance on a NAPP member discount for these?

Rnormfoto said...

for a moment there i thought you had lost your mind !! (feeding the bear)

Dave Cross said...

I couln't resist the feed the bear alteration ;)

william, stay tuned

Sean @ Cruising Through Life said...

All NAPP members get a substantial dicount off the stated pricing.