Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photo outing

Today I got to do something I don't often get to do: spend almost an entire day shooting. After WPPI ended yesterday, I went on a photo shoot organized by Jason Domingues and his crew (Trash the dress and Don't Box us In). We took a bus out to the Red Rock canyon area and spend the day shooting brides and models in various unusual/interesting settings. I actually didn't shoot all that many photos as I was having too much fun watching some top photographers work, such as Matt Adcock, John Michael Cooper and Mike Fulton. I also got to meet some people in person that I "know" through their blogs: Anne Ruthman, Sol Tamargo, and Kevin King, inventor of Radio Poppers, and met lots of cool new people.

Tomorrow I hope to get a chance to grab a couple of the photos from today and post them.

edit: photos of some of the people mentioned above
edit2: As pointed out in a comment, Trash The Dress and Don't Box Us In both are the brain child of Mark Eric. Sorry 'bout that!
Mike Fulton demonstrating daylight flash

John Michael Cooper doing a concept shoot - can't wait to see the finished product

(L to R) Jason Domingues, Model Lisa, Matt Adcock, Sol Tamargo, Mark Motichek


univrsltransl8r said...

Very cool! Thanks for the links. I see Trash the Dress are in the process of moving their site, but they have a link to the old site there also... great photography. =)

mark eric said...

Dave just wanted to let you know that some info on this post was wrong. Trash The Dress and Don't Box Us In both are the brain child of Mark Eric. Jason Dominques is a member of the team Just thought you might want to know.

TriCoast Photography LLC said...

It was great meeting you the other day Dave I hope we can hang out more in future, please let us know if you need anything.

And by the looks of my photos I need to dress up more when we go out and shoot, I look horrible :)