Monday, May 05, 2008

Minor milestone

For those of you that are NAPP members you probably know that we post weekly video-based tutorials each week. I've been creating those for the last 5 years and last week my 200th video tutorial was posted. Seems like only yesterday that I added my first tutorial with a goofy ending...

Anyways, I thought that was kinda cool.... thanks to those people over the years who have suggested topics for these videos (hint, hint, always looking for more ideas).


Anonymous said...

Congrats Dave! And for what it's worth, I'm a sucker for the signature Dave Cross Bad Joke Endings. Brilliant.


john said...

me too,always ready for the ending..

how about somthing on usefull settings for smart sharpen, most of us i reckon too scared to leave USM

Rnormfoto said...

thanks for all the work, Dave! It's always fun and a big help!!

Mark Elliot said...

Kudos, just wondering what was the first tutorial you did?

. said...

Time flies when you're having fun, yes I was noticing you've got lots great tutorials on the NAPP website. Nicely done, easy to understand, step by step info.

Serge Ramelli said...

Hello Dave.

I have been watchting your videos on napp and user tv for months now, you are funny, calm and precise !

It help me build this portfolio:

it's all about my city paris, which I beleive is one of the nicest in the wolrd. Tks again for all your help.


silica said...

You deserve a lot of credit for your work. You are an excellent teacher; you're always clear and logical in your explanations.

In a previous comment, I mentioned the Strata 3D plugins. After reading some posts in the NAPP forum, I wonder if they could be used to produce a more accurate reflection than just flipping the image produces. Might be food for another tutorial. Thanks, Dave.