Monday, September 08, 2008

Shots from PSW

A couple of people have commented on the quality - or lack of - on the photos I posted from Photoshop World. Just so you know, these photos were taken with my iPhone and uploaded automatically to the blog. I went that way for the immediacy factor, as opposed to the time it would have taken to take photos, download from the camera, sort through them then upload. (Let's face it, the iPhone camera is decent but it doesn't do so well in semi-darkness and with motion)

For a couple of in-focus shots of the jumping model, take a look here

Check out this gallery of photos

[edit]Pics from Jim DiVitale

Take a look at Terry White's video from the Keynote that shows some of the new technology

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Justin Davis said...

Those shots are awesome. Unfornately i didn't plan my drive to Vegas that well becuase i missed the Key Note :( first timer too, but there is always next year. I can't wait until then. Dave, i have e-mail a couple weeks ago and i know you all are very busy i am just curious where you got your cover for your Macbook.

Thank you,
Justin Davis