Friday, February 20, 2009

Finish the Sentence...with RC Concepcion

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"It's time once again to ask a well-known photographer, instructor or otherwise interesting person the same 10 questions and ask them to Finish the Sentence! This week the sentences are finished by.... RC Concepcion.

RC, please Finish the Sentence..."

My favorite photography accessory (lights, modifier, bag, tripod) is
The Nikon SB800. Aside from my Tripod (A Giottos MT8350with a 1301 Head), I can’t think of another piece of photography gear that can take your photography to the next level. Flash and Tripod. That’s where it’s at

I’ve learned the most from..
oe McNally. I’ve been a fan since about 01 with the Faces of Ground Zero exhibit and have followed him since. It’s a given to see his photography and admire it as a body of work. Listen closer and you’ll hear a person talking about how often it takes tenacity and running into the wall over and over to find the pictures you are looking for. Through perseverance you can find your ‘moment that clicks’.

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be_____ because….
If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Khatmandu/Bhutan. I think its one of the most beautiful places in the world – with soaring vistas and an incredible landscape. I’ve wanted to shoot a picture of The Taktshang Goemba in Bhutan for lord knows how long.

My most-used Photoshop add-on, plugin, action set (etc) is
the Lens Vignette. I confess- im a Lens Vignette-aholic. The hardest part for me to get used to is the feather in Post-crop. Must use feather.. Must use...

I love the fact that Photoshop
has so many avenues in which you can assert yourself as a specialist. Right now, Photoshop’s being used to analyze molecules in a lab, to retouching a scene for a holywood movie, to making a texture for you to wear on a shirt. One program touches many different aspects.. That’s a great thing.

I hate the fact that Photoshop
creates such a culture of chest beating. With so many different ways to approach the same conclusion, theres been this mass evolution of Photoshop Dogmas. All of a sudden, it’s this –insert new name- technique that’s so much better than –insert passe technique name here- and everyone runs around showing off their certified black belt in the technique. As much as I love the program... It’s Photoshop .. School will be open on its birthday!

If I could turn back the clock 10 years
I would have picked up the camera more. I used to live in Germany for a while and traveled all over Europe and some of South america. I have cool snapshots, no doubt, but imagine how many cool pictures I could have had.

In 10 years
I see myself still doing this: I love the fact that I get to come into work and just share with you things I think are cool. Where else could I go where talking to you about this would be a job. I’d probably teach more live workshops. I get such a rush from teaching live. The people.. That’s where it’s at.. It’s all about the people..

If I could give one piece of advice it would be
Don’t take everything that you do too seriously. You’d be surprised as to how much can change in an instant. That said- make sure you dip your toes in as many passions as you have. Wake up every morning giving thanks, and looking forward to the things you ‘get’ to do, rather than the things you ‘have’ to do.

Your readers can find out more about me
on my daily blog at and every week on Layers TV – The How To Podcast for Everything Adobe.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Kids, let's hear it for RC Concepcion!
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Rafael Concepcion (RC) is an Education and Curriculum Developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and the co-host of Layers TV - The How To Podcast For Everything Adobe. An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, he has over 10 years in the I.T. and e-commerce industry and spends his days developing content for all applications in the Adobe Creative Suite. RC has held training seminars in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, and has recently combined his photographic and web experience to teach with famed Wildlife Photographer Moose Peterson at the You Can Do It Too workshops in Mammoth, CA. As the newest “Photoshop Guy” he writes columns for both Layers Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine.

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