Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, so by the time this post is published I'll be in Seattle doing some teaching - very hush hush (not really, I just always wanted to say that). So until I get another chance to post something, here's a couple of pics from a newborn shoot I did this past weekend for my friends.

Timing is everyting - he was quite unhappy at this point, but I hapened to capture a moment when he looked like he was smiling.

I love the wrinkles around a baby's wrist and arms!


Justin said...

Great pics, Dave.

I will be doing the same thing later today for some college friends who just had their first child.

John said...

Heh--good inspiration for when Nack II (codename "El Segundo") ships in the next couple of weeks. :-)

¡ L I Z ! said...

They are just beautiful!!
Good session :)

Jennifer Giuffre said...

very beautiful photos! And if you hadn't said so, I would have thought the baby was smiling, not upset!

Waldek Chadzynski said...

Very nice. From my experience, parents love details, so for example close-up on eye, fist, ear etc... as well as contrast between child and parent like two hands together.