Thursday, June 04, 2009

Embarrassing photo time (sort of)

Over on his blog, Scott Kelby has been posting "embarrassing" photos from his past. Here's my variation on that theme: an embarrassing lack of photo. The following scan is from my yearbook.

In our yearbook, if there wasn't a photo for someone, they'd use a standard silhouette (see A). For some reason my photo didn't make it into the book, which was bad enough since I did have one taken. But to add insult to injury, the silhouette beside my name was of a girl! (B) Could it be any worse for a high school grad? jeez.

....It is good to see that my fav quote is still valid all these years later ;)


Paula said...

Hey I'm class of 75 too! That sucks to not have your pic in there even though it was taken. Was it that bad? Did you make a funny face and it got rejected?

Keith D said...

Your hair couldn't have been any worse than your classmates, surely!

Mr. Myers said...

"I always admire the wisdom of people who come to me looking for advice"

Really Dave, was this a bit of photoshopping fun or were you destined to have an advice column?