Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Photo opp at Photo Plus Expo

Walking around Photo Plus Expo a couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to meet and chat with many well-known photographers who I'd never met in person before - including many who had been kind enough to "finish the sentence" here on my blog.

Among others, I got to meet Joey L, Zack Arias, Kenny Kim, Dave Sanders, and Bob and Dawn Davis. Here's a pic of me with Bob and Dawn taken by a very nice fellow who's name was Vithaya.

Along with some "celebrities" I also got a chance to chat with quite a few NAPP members, blog readers and Photoshop TV Users - that was very cool!

Looking forward to next year's show.

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kennykimdotcom said...

It was finally great to meet you in person Dave! I felt the connection right away when we both were blinded by each other's shiny head! :)

I'm here in Tanzania with Bob right now. They are great folks!