Friday, February 12, 2010

The Joy of Blogging

What fun it is to get blog comments like this (in this case in response to my blog post about HDR)

"WOW Dave... I am suprised at this short article.

Ahh, so you and Adobe are the authority on HDR are you...? You [two] get to decide what it's called eh? Hmmmm, seems like arrogance to me I'm afraid.

As with all photography, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some like it, some don't. It's not up to you or anyone else for that matter to tell people what is right or what is wrong about any specific HDR'ed image - it's entirely 100% up to the person looking at it."

comment by "theMusicMan"

I suppose I could have simply deleted the comment - yes, I moderate the comments on my blog, mostly because I still get spam - but I thought it might be interesting to highlight this type of comment.

By nature, I thought, everyone agrees that a blog is a place to share your own opinion. In my HDR post, I thought I was careful to use words like these (directly quoting from that post):
in my opinion
To me, that's always been the benefit of HDR
To each his own I guess
I'm not saying that everyone should think this way

But I guess - in my opinion - people interpret words the way they want, and somehow me offering my opinion - and explaining my personal taste - seemed arrogant to theMusicMan. Sorry dude, I wasn't trying to tell anyone what's right or wrong, just offering my opinion.

Blogs are all about personal opinions, no?

Okay, end of rant. Now I can have a wonderful weekend :)


Antique Mommy said...

Indeed. So little time, so many ways to offend people. I enjoy your perspective whether it lines up with mine or not.

bobwyo said...

Hey, Dave, I took your comments in the original to be completely your opinion and not telling anyone how or what to do.

Guess it's just a matter of HDR causing so much frenzy.

BTW, I used to really dislike HDR images. Now, I appreciate the way they can help us render an out-of-range scene. I even enjoy some of the over-processed ones.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion only. I don't expect or demand that anyone agree with me. Or disagree for that matter. ;-)


Tim said...

WOW Dave.. I am surprised at the twisting around of that comment!

Kidding aside.. You can let comments like that get to you or just ignore them. There will be people who get upset about anything. Many times it's someone who is frustrated with their lack of success and so they feel the need to prove a successful person wrong. Just gotta ignore it.

Ms Katy said...

I think the MusicMan should stick to music. But, I do value his opinion too.
Keep up the good work, Dave. Those that don't agree don't have to read your blog! I will keep reading because I like what you have to say.

Craig said...

I'd think the "theMusicMan" would offer a bit of thanks for the opportunity to offer HIS opinion on YOUR blog while your opinion apparently isn't permitted ...but I guess the "rules" don't apply when he speaks . I'm watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Vancouver, BC--as a Canadian you have to be proud of the show!

gene lowinger said...

Yes, Dave, personal opinion. That's why we write blogs. That's why I titled my blog 'The World As I See It' at and I do rants there sometimes. And I moderate my comments. HDR aside, Blog readers often read these postings looking for a confirmation of their own point of view, and when they don't get what they want they behave like two year olds. I find this especially true of blog readers who are artistically inclined.

Your tolerance of readers who post this kind of comment is commendable, Dave. You're a role model for me.

American Patriot said...

Dave, I have met you twice and you are a nice,honest, and fair Canadian Man!

I am going to take this in a little bit of a different direction and say that type in a blog is not the best communications medium. As in email, you necessarily have to leave out tone, inflection and body language and you are down to simple letters to try to get your point across. It is more difficult than most think.

Having an opinion is great, and here in the good old USA we get to share ours with any and every one. How we get taken by others is part of the fun, and a way to grow thicker skin.:)

I appreciate all that you and your friends at Kelby Group do to educate, inform and entertain us online.

Ever higher,

silica said...

"Listen. Everyone is entitled to my opinion." - Madonna

Seriously, most people are looking for opinions that reinforce their own.

JoeH said...

Sigh..put on the galoshes bring the umbrella....although you're still likely to get mud on ya!

Nasty weather out there where there is no accountability.

Libby said...

I always welcome your opinion on things, Dave. I also know the difference between an opinion (clearly stated to be that) and a lecture (which your previous post clearly was NOT). Keep up the good work here, Dave. I really enjoy your blog!