Monday, March 29, 2010

Bits 'n pieces

After a week with little blogging at Photoshop World, here's a few bits and pieces to start off this week...

Last week I was featured on Terry White's Blog, in his weekly Tech Profile. Check it out.

One of the big announcements at Photoshop World was the announcement by Adobe of when they would announce CS5: April 12th. Be sure to check back on that date for all the details! Interesting concept: announce when you're going to make an announcement ;)

And take a look at this YouTube channel for a sneak peek or two.

[EDIT] Another sneak peek, this time from the PSW Keynote, featuring Katrin Eismann. here

To view some photos from Photoshop World,check out the Attendee Flickr Group and the Photoshop World gallery

Oh yeah, Adobe released another public beta for something called Lightroom ;)
You can find all kinds of details, links etc at Tom Hogarty's blog.

Finally, my sincere thanks for those people who took part in my first Head Shots for Charity fund raiser, donating money for me to take their head shot. Thanks to my friends at Wescott for the use of their lights (and assistance) and for donating thumb drives, I was able to raise close to $500 for St Judes Children's Hospital. Look for this to be bigger and better at Photoshop World Las Vegas,

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JanineSmith said...

Dave, I'll be first in line for Headshots for Charity in Vegas! What a great idea.