Thursday, March 04, 2010

Questions from Twitter

I'm getting lots of questions via Twitter and Kelby TV for my weekly podcast, Ask Dave. However, some aren't really suitable for a video answer, so here are a few answers.....

jefersonbalves @davecross whats the configuration of your notebook dave (mac)? please tell me? thanks

A: I have an off-the-shelf MacBook Pro.2,8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHZ DDRR# (According to "About this Mac")

nauzer67 @davecross Is there anyway to organize fonts into groups in the picker(grunge, script,etc.)

A: Probably, if you use some kind of font managment utility. Since fonts are an operating system function, Photoshop has no control over that. There are quite a few options out there, and I'm afraid that I have no recommendation since I don't use one :)

Jan Jílek Hi, this might be a hard question. When I go into Lens Correction Filter a grid is over my screen and I have to turn it off. Is there any way how to make this setting permanent? Like I'l go under Lens Correction and the grid will be turned off? Thanks

A: There is a workaround that involves changing one small thing in Lens Correction (such as changing the Vignette midpoint to 49), turning off the grid and saving a preset. Then when you open Lens Correction choose your preset. If I could give you a cryptic answer, I would say, "wait for it" ;)

Houston Brown - Dave, I know you can close all files in photoshop by selecting Alt-Ctrl-W but how do you close them all and prevent the "Do you want to save" dialog box coming up for each one. Many thanks, Houston Brown

A: Again, I would say...not at the moment :)


Mike said...

JDIs...Cool. ;)

pixelwrangler said...

Hi Houston- Actually there is a script that Adobe's own Jeff Tranberry wrote and shares at:

Check it out. It works fabulously and I use it every day.
-John Eakin