Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting the best deal from Adobe

If you're a NAPP member you can get a 15% discount off the upgrade to Photoshop CS5, the upgrade to the full Creative Suite, or even if you need to purchase the full version.

That means that if you've been thinking about joining NAPP, now's the time! Not only can you get the Adobe discount, but right now you can get the Photoshop CS5 Power Session DVD free! Details here.

If joining NAPP is not on the cards for you, check here for any Adobe Special Offers

Or if you're a student or educator, be sure to check the Adobe Education Store


Bruce Spry said...


Getting 15% off for being a NAPP member is great but that still makes CS5 50% more in Asutralia than it sells for in the US. Any idea how Adobe justify's this when the Dollars are about par?

Bob said...

Congrats to your Sens for not blowing the 2-0 lead last night.

How about my Bruins huh!