Thursday, April 01, 2010

Today's News Headlines

Thursday, April 1st: Today's Headlines

Apple and Adobe announce Photoshop for the iPad

Photoshop World to expand to Six Cities World Wide in 2011

Wacom introduces new gesture-only tablet – no pen or mouse required

Nikon and Canon Lenses will now work interchangeably on each other's camera bodies

New iPhone model to work with all phone carriers, price drops to $29

Adobe announces free Creative Suite Upgrade day - today only.

Happy April 1st :)


Luis Murillo said...

hehe...good one...though

1) might be interesting
2) pfft
3) I believe they already have one...which even supports multitouch
4) That would prolly mean that we would all have to change the lenses since the mount would have to change...unless they flipped a coin and it landed on standarizing the F-mount
5) Rumors say that...but in fact there are factory unlocked iphones in the market today...sure they are a bit more expensive but they exist
6) That'd be sweet :P

Anonymous said...

Dave. You are the master of news stories. No one else has a lead on these stories yet.

Coinneach said...

I'm waiting on a 3rd Photoshop world date somewhere in Europe.
Scotland would be good, hint hint..

Ken Toney said...

Come on, did anyone really fall for these? I started to write on Scott's blog that Nikon had just released the D4 but he's probably alread mad at me for saying he looked like a drag queen the other day (KISS make-up). I was just kidding as usual.

Bluize said...

That was just cruel Dave! LOL

steve seligman said...

for a minute believed all of this

Lloyd said...

Damn!! I just checked, and they're all true, but only available in Canada and Sierra Leone!