Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two great wedding photography books

Although it's been out for a little while, last weekend I finally took more than a cursory flip through David Ziser's book, Captured by the Light. I knew it was a great book just from my quick look through it, but a more in-depth read confirms that this is an excellent book for all photographers, not just wedding photographers. David goes into a great amount of deal on lighting, off-camera flash etc, that is useful to all photographers. And of course there are some beautiful photos in there too!

More recently I received another book, The Wedding Photographer's Planner by Kenny Kim. Kenny is a buddy of mine who I got to know though his blog and Twitter and I had a chance to work with him at a workshop in Miami. He's put together a great guide for wedding photographers that provides a series of ideas and checklists for everything from the frst client meeting through the day of the wedding - and beyond. Tons of great ideas surrounded by beautiful photography (so not only are you gettng practical ideas but you'll be inspired by the wonderful images)

[links to amazon on the book titles]


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Thanks for sharing this post. I will definitely get one of these.

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