Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ask Dave Podcast

Well, it's been 14 weeks since I started the weekly Ask Dave Photoshop podcast and I think it's doing okay... Not really sure because although I keep getting new questions, I haven't received very much feedback.

So, if you've been watching the podcast and you have a few moments, would you please do me a favor and go to iTunes and leave a rating and/or comment?

Thanks, I appreciate it!


Lisa said...

Love it! Rated it! Thanks for all you do Dave!


emgower said...

Even though I haven't left feedback, I love the podcast. Please keep it going! (Left feedback on itune.)

Tom Peterson said...

It's a must see (internet) TV for me. I don't do itunes, so you'll just have to accept my accolades here.

Each week I look forward to seeing what sort of trickery you come up to solve a problem.

Keep up the series, it's great.

Karen said...

Same here, Dave. I haven't posted on itunes, but I can tell you that I love your podcast. The delivery is concise and the content is useful. I find that I'm using Dave Cross tips in my work every day.

Much appreciated.

Roy said...

Watch it all the time as I do allof the PS TV broadcast. I also do not use Itunes