Friday, November 09, 2007

My frame collection

Since I'll be in Portland on Monday doing the Power Tour, I thought I'd throw in another post today...
Someone asked a good question via email: "I read that you created a series of frames for PhotoFrame from onone software. Is there somewhere where we can see examples of the frames?"
The answer, sorry, you just have to take my word that they're cool. Just kidding! OnOne has examples of all of the frames in each of the collections - mine can be seen here (click on the first one to start a Flash slide show of all the frames)


Dan said...

I've just ordered my upgrade to Photoframes Pro, which includes your digital frames. I'm really looking forward to trying them out. Thanks, Dave.

Diana said...

Dave, I had a great time at the tour in Portland. Learned a heck of a lot and loved the humor as well. I have Photo Frames Pro. I need to get your frames as well. Very nice! I have a question.... I cannot find the answer anywhere I have looked. I was wondering if you know of a tutorial that makes black auto tires shine like they have Armor All on them?
Thank you for your time.