Thursday, November 15, 2007

TIP: Customizing keyboard shortcuts

If you've ever tried creating custom keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop (using Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts), you'll know that there's not many combinations left - all the ones you might want to use are probably taken. In some cases though, take a closer look: the shortcut you want to use may currently be assigned to a command you never use. Here's a quick list I put together of commands that I personally will “never” use and their shortcuts (and therefore I could assign them to a different command)

Auto Levels: Shift Command L (PC: Shift Cntl L)
Auto Contrast: Option Shift Command L (PC: Alt Shift Cntl L)
Auto Color: Option Shift Command B (PC: Alt Shift Cntl B)
Pattern Maker: Shift Command X (PC: Shift Cntl X)
Print One Copy: Option Shift Command P (PC: Alt Shift Cntl P)
Record Measurements (CS3 Extended): Shift Command M (PC: Shift Cntl M)

Here's a secondary list of commands that I might (rarely) use, so would consider reassigning these shortcuts
Save for Web & Devices: Option Shift Command S (PC: Alt Shift Cntl S)
File Info: Option Shift Command I (PC: Alt Shift Cntl I)
Color Balance: Command B (PC: Cntl B)
Vanishing Point: Option Command V (PC: Alt Cntl V)
Close & Go to Bridge: Shift Command W (PC: Shift Cntl W)

Disclaimer: Of course you need to evaluate which commands you do or do not use - these are just suggestions…..

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