Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My experience with the DSLR Camera Remote 1.1

Last night I posted a couple of photos I took using the DSLR Camera Remote 1.1 from OnOne Software. Here's a quick run-down of my experience of setting up etc.

First, I gotta say that it was extremely simple and painless.

1. I downloaded the app from iTunes and installed on my phone
2. I downloaded onto my laptop the free server software from OnOne
3. I connected my camera to my laptop
4. I launched the server software

5. I launched DSLR Camera Remote 1.1
6. Since I have a wireless network at home, the app found my laptop

7, I pressed FIRE to take a photo


As I said, simple and painless.

But what if you aren't in a spot that has a wireless network? No problem, just make an ad hoc network. On the Mac I just went to the Airport menu and created a network:

(The very helpful Help system with the server shows how to make similar networks on the Windows platform)
Then on the iPhone, I used the Wireless setting to join my new network.

Other things that are cool about this app (after 15 minutes of playing):
The ability to change White Balance, ISO etc from the app on your phone
The fact that you can see the results on your iPhone after just a very brief pause
It works in both vertical and horizontal orientation if you want to see a larger image

Lots of options such as Burst mode, Auto Bracket, Live Preview and Intervalometer

I haven't played with those yet, but I sure plan to.

I was very impressed with the fact that when I did try an option such as Burst mode, an instruction popped up telling me that I had to change my camera settings to continuous shooting mode.

Overall, my initial experience with DSLR Camera Remote 1.1 from OnOne Software was fantastic and I can't wait to try more experiments!

(If you were sent directly to this blog post and didn't see the photo from last night, here's the first photo I took with the app)


Fredrik Setterberg said...

This seems like an extremely cool app! Is it ok if I use your screenshots for a post on my blog? I'll link to yours of course.

/ Fredrik from Sweden

Fred A. Lewis said...

Thanks for the review Dave... I too have been playing with it over here and so far am quite impressed...

Appreciate the tip about the ad-hoc set up - I was just starting to think about that when I read your post and you went ahead and spelled it all out for me... PAINLESS...

Cheers from another ex-pat Canuck - in Sapporo, Japan...

Bert Kool said...

I tried the new Nikon version tonight and it's indeed fantastic:
simple installation as Dave said. In addition to his quick review I used Liveview option. Really cool. Even if the setting on my D3 camera is in S mode, by adjustment of Liveview setting on the i-Phone, the setting on the camera is overruled. This is great as you do not have to go to the camera to use Liveview.


Bert Kool,The Netherlands