Monday, May 10, 2010

Questions from Twitter

For my Ask Dave Photoshop podcast I encourage people to send questions via Twitter (and the KelbyTV site). Often I get questions that only require a one or two word answer, are somewhat unique, or that I simply don't know the answer to (kidding...kind of)

So here's a few that I've recently received that I thought I'd answer here rather than on the podcast.

Q: surfkat54: Just got CS5 for mac and can't figure out how to make PS reside in a window rather than full screen - such a preference?
A: The setting is Application Frame, found under the Window menu. Once it's chosen, it should become the default for every time you launch Photoshop. There is not a preference to set that as a default however.

Q: ZParkar: Where is the Render > Lighting Effects on PS CS5?
A: Lighting Effects only work in Photoshop CS5 when you run it in 32 bit mode

Q: ClaudeMyburgh: how do i make photoshop the default opening program in bridge CS4?
A: In Bridge Preferences, choose File Type Associations and then go through and set the file formats you want to open in Photoshop.

Q: Freedy77: hi i want ask how i can make a metal looking Text in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended ?
A: I would do it using layer styles: bevel and emboss. The key to getting a nice metallic look is experimenting with Gloss Contours.


Q: mkmacd: How would I go about making an image into tritone(?) where an image just has three different shades of green.
A: Convert the image to a Grayscale and then go back to Image>Mode and choose Duotone. In that dialog you can choose Tritone and then click on each "swatch" to choose your color.

Q: Derik Gutowski: Are you going to lead the Ybor photo walk this year? And if so, when will we be able to register for it?
A: Don't know the details of the Photo Walk yet, although I know they're working on finalizing things. Stay tuned here at the blog.

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