Friday, July 31, 2009

Finish the Sentence...with Audrey Woulard

"It's time once again to ask a well-known photographer, instructor or otherwise interesting person the same 10 questions and ask them to Finish the Sentence! This time, the sentences are finished by.... Audrey Woulard.

Audrey, please Finish the Sentence..."

My favorite photography accessory (lights, modifier, bag, tripod) is
my Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens

I’ve learned the most from...
the little subjects I photograph. They all times.. 100% honest.

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be_____ because….
right now... back to Miami because I need a vacation. A drink, the beach, and a nice party would be nice right about now.

My most-used Photoshop add-on, plugin, action set (etc) is
None. I am not a big action person. Im old school. Anything I do in Photoshop, I tend to go about it the long way...step by step. No reason why...its just a silly quirk of mine.

I love the fact that Photoshop
allows me to do quick fixes to an image as needed.

I hate the fact that Photoshop
allows me so much freedom that the potential of sitting at the computer all day is a huge possibility....and that is definitely not a good thing for the glutes!

If I could turn back the clock 10 years
I would have put much more thought into spacing out the birth of my children. Sometimes having kids that are each a year apart can wreck havoc on the brain.

In 10 years
I want to go back to having time to shoot for just myself.

If I could give one piece of advice it would be
Follow your dreams. Never let anyone steer you in a different direction.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, let's hear it for Audrey Woulard!!

AUDREY WOULARD is a photographer based in Chicago Illinois. She is widely recognized for her simplistic approach to photography by creating images utilizing only available lighting both inside and out without the aid of reflectors or flashes. Her modern images create memories that reflect spirit, honesty and beauty. Although she is a portrait photographer, she is also a commerical photographer where she has photographed well known commercial campaigns such as Pottery Barn Kids catalog.


Ian Pack said...

Great to see images of kids that haven't been shot on white background. Very refreshing.

Lloyd Eldredge said...

Hey Dave. When you get back from vacation, how about a recap of one of your tips from Photoshop TV. Way back in Episode 17 you gave a tip on color correction "by the numbers". I've seen poor imitations since, but nothing as good. I used to have that episode on my iPod, but it disappeared. I'd love to get the step-by-step details again.

BTW, love the blog!